The nation's water resources: Texas Gulf region (12). The second national water assessment by the U.S. Water Resources Council. Preliminary: For review only.




U.S. Water Resources Council.

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U.S. Water Resources Council.


The United States Water Resources Council initiated the Second National Water Assessment in October of 1974. In the analysis of the data the base year is 1975 and projections are made for 1985 and 2000. The United States has 21 water resources regions which for the purpose of the Second National Water Assessment were divided into 106 subregions. Comprehensive data and information were developed for each subregion. The subregion concept is to have one basin or a group of basins for which data could be collected and compiled. The Nation's Water Resources, the final report of the Second National Water Assessment, is based on many reports and special studies. The Nationwide analysis was documented in a summary report and 14 supporting appendices. The Specific Problem Analysis was documented by three published reports prepared by the 21 regional study groups; the State/Regional Future Report, Effect of Not Resolving Problems, and Summary report.


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water resources, water management, natural resources, ground water, surface water, water use