Texas Marine Resources: The Industrial View




Texas A&M University, Sea Grant Program

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Texas A&M University, Sea Grant Program


This booklet represents a summary statement of the first Texas A&M University Sea Grant Workshop, "Marine Resources: The Industrial View." The meeting marked the beginning of a series of working sessions designed to find out the views of various user groups concerned with marine resources development in Texas. Similar workshops have been held with educators, recreation and tourism developers, and attorneys. Others are planned for port development, coastal land use, banking and commerce, and fisheries. The statement issued here is one of consensus. It reflects the concern of each participant for a well-managed coastal zone for the state. It should not be assumed that all the ideas were unanimously voiced by all participants or that each individual subscribes to every detail. Key ideas and recommendations are given in bold-faced type at appropriate places in the manuscript.


8 pages; available for download at the link below.


marine resources, industries, coastal zone management