Research needs for Texas aquatic ecosystems.




Longley, G.

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Texas Water Development Board and Texas Water Resources Institute


Aquatic ecosystems occur in a variety of forms ranging from natural to artificial. The natural systems include: springs, streams, aquifers, lakes, temporary ponds, wetlands, estuaries, and oceans. Artificial systems include: reservoirs, constructed wetlands, and wastewater lagoons. Different groups of aquatic organisms are adapted to various natural systems. Some aquatic forms adapt well to artificial systems. Most systems are likely to be affected by man's activities. We need a better understanding of all aquatic ecosystems in Texas. We must, to minimize the effects of man's activities on these communities, define their composition, dynamics and interrelationships with other ecosystems. Until we understand their basic functioning we will not be able to anticipate effects on them or find ways of decreasing the detrimental effects.


p. 9-15.


water resources, water management, aquatic environment, ecosystems