Ecology of Cox Bay, Texas, 1969-1973: final report




Moseley, FJ
Copeland, BJ
Murray, LS

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Central Power and Light Company


Enclosed herewith is the final report on Ecology of Cox Bay, Texas, for a two-year before-and-after study designed to evaluate the effects of the operation of the E.S. Joslin Power Station on ecology of Cox Bay. This study fulfills the requirements set forth in the Waste Control Order by the Texas Water Quality Board for the power station. General findings of these studies indicate that there has been no significant change in the distribution and abundance of biological organisms in the Cox Bay community as a result of power plant operations. Even though this study concludes our permit requirements, Central Power and Light Company is continuing studies at Cox Bay to further evaluate the power plant's influence on the biological community. As the results of these studies are tabulated, we will forward the information to your agency.


165 pages


bays, conservation, ecology, water quality