Galveston Bay Bibliography. Vol. I: Index and thesaurus. Vol. II-IV: Citations. Vol. IV: Supplement: June 1993.




Coleman, M.
Dunnell, G.E.
Melvin, S.L.
Webb, J.W.
Weng, H.
Wiest, N.H.
Palmer, C.L.P.
Evans, W.E.

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


The purpose of the Galveston Bay Bibliography is to document and facilitate access to publications and other materials concerning Galveston Bay, its problems and solutions to those problems. The bibliography includes historical and up-to-date references totalling 4354; subject, author and geographic term indexes; and a thesaurus. The bibliography and associated Galveston Bay Collection are being maintained and updated to serve the estuary community, at the Galveston Bay Information Center (GBIC), Texas Institute of Oceanography, Texas A&M University Galveston Campus. Approximately 50% of the references cited are available from the GBIC. The bibliography is also alvailable in electronic form, accessible by modem and network connections.


5 vols.


bibliographies, citations, references, environmental protection, texas, galveston bay, estuarine ecology, bibliography, water quality management, oceanography, coastal zone management