Phytoplankton space-time distribution and hydrographic controls in Trinity Bay, Texas.




Winsborough, B.M.
Ward, G.H.

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Espey, Huston and Associates, Incorporated


Water samples were collected for one year in the period 1975-76 from Trinity Bay in the Galveston Bay, and analyzed for salinity, nutrients, and phytoplankton species and densities. Diatoms and green algae dominate the community. Phytoplankton abundance and diversity vary significantly with season, apparently associated with nitrate maxima, in turn corresponding to the initiation of freshwater influxes. A distinction in community composition was found between the more saline stations and those more influenced by the Trinity River plume, apparent in both relative predominance and abundance of green algae (fresher stations) and diatoms (more saline stations). The highest diversities were generally exhibited at the stations along the north shore of Trinity Bay, though this varied with season.


20 p.


phytoplankton, distribution, hydrographic data, water samples, salinity, nutrients, density, diatoms, algae, abundance, seasonal variations, nitrates, fresh water, influx, community composition, plumes