An Evaluation of Multi-Purpose Offshore Industrial-Port Islands for the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts - Legal-Political Aspects



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University of Delaware


Initiated during the spring of 1974, this one-year study was funded at $216,000 by the National Science Foundation's Research Applied To National Needs Program. The study involves research managed and conducted by the College of Marine Studies with subcontracts to Texas A&M University, Frederic R. Harris, Inc., and Gilbert Associates, Inc. Broadly stated, the program was designed to evaluate the economic, engineering, legal and environmental feasibility of large (four to six square mile) artificial industrial/port islands located off the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Program Manager is Dr. Robert Biggs, Assistant Dean, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware. Project Manager is Paul Swatek, College of Marine Studies. Five draft reports, listed below, will form the basis for a final, summary report, now being prepared. 1) Market Demand and General Location Option 2) Environmental Assessment 3) Legal/Political Aspects 4) Civil Engineering Considerations 5) Process Description and Adaptation Study.


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offshore ports