Galveston Bay Area Navigation Study. Draft Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement.




United States Army Engineer District, Galveston

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The purpose of this feasibility study is to determine the need for and advisability of improving the Houston Ship Channel and its deep draft ancillary chennels, and the Galveston Channel. This study, along with a similar study of the Texas City Channel already completed, is being accomplished under the Comprehensive Galveston Bay Area Navigation Study. The proposed enlargements of the Texas City Channel to 50 x 600 feet are assumed to be in place for this study. The study considered a wide range of structural and non-structural plans. For the Houston Ship Channel, presently 40 feet deep by 400 feet wide, structural improvements considered ranged from a 125-foot width increase for sallow draft traffic only, to the largest plan considered, a channel 55 feet deep by 650 feet wide. Improvements to the Galveston Channel ranged from 45 x 450 feet to a maximum of 55 x 800 feet. Non-structural plans included one-way traffic, mandatory traffic control by the U.S. Coast Guard's Vessel Traffic Service, and an offshore port-pipeline to allow lower cost crude oil movements without channel improvements.