Turning the tide: saving the Chesapeake Bay.




Horton, T.

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Center for Resource Economics/Island Press.


An excellent health examination for a human is more than a compilation of the body's vital signs; and so must assessing the health of Chesapeake Bay extend to more than examining water quality. The state of the bay is intimately connected to a system extending from the ocean near its mouth to lands drained by its tributary rivers as far away as New York and West Virginia. Its health is equally inseparable from the quality of the air above it and the great, invisible seepages of groundwater from beneath it. This book presents a new and better measure of what progress we have really made since becoming alarmed in the 1970's at unprecedented, system-wide declines in the bay's fisheries, its underwater grass beds, and its oxygen levels.


327 p.


estuaries, wetlands, pollution, conservation, fisheries