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Texas Offshore Terminal Commission

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Texas Offshore Terminal Commission


Much has been written and published and the world has repeatedly been warned by many eminent authorities of an impending energy shortage for the relatively shore term (1985-1990)... However, increased demands on available domestic crude supplies dictates that a basic reassessment of energy resources available to the United States be undertaken... Gradually then the Texas economy began a shift from a largely agricultural base to one heavily dependent on oil, primarily due to the fossil hydrocarbon reserves being periodically discovered and developed under the borders and waters of Texas, and hungrily demanded by a growing nation. ... These basic pre-conditions then set the stage for the questions that Texas, its energy producers, its citizens and its leadership must attempt to answer if continued healthy economic growth is sustained in the state throughout the remainder of the twentieth century. A careful study of the text and charts in the following pages of this brief interim report will permit the reader to focus on our economic dilemma and to draw specific conclusions on the action required to keep the Texas economy health and competitive and maintain our environment so succeeding generations can enjoy a quality life.


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