Establishment of operational guidelines for Texas coastal zone management: industrial water use in the Texas Coastal Zone.




Malina, J.F.
Marshall, J.L.

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University of Texas, Center for Research in Water Resources.


Industrial water use in 36 counties in the Texas Coastal Zone was evaluated. The evaluation includes a breakdown of the large water users by industrial sectors, the quantities of fresh and saline water intake, the source of the fresh water, the type of usage, the amounts of reuse and consumption, and relationships of water intake with some other economics. The breakdown by industrial sectors was based on the Standard National Classification code. This approach permitted a comparison of the results of this study with the findings of state, regional, and national water use surveys. About 88% of the fresh water withdrawn by all industries in the coastal zone is used for cooling purposes. Extensive ground water pumpage is causing problems of groundwater depletion and land subsidence in parts of the coastal zone.


132 p.


water use, resource management, ground water, subsidence, water management, coastal zone