Stream Corridor Concepts for Harris County


Jan. 25, 2007


Talbott, MD

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


The natural creeks and bayous of Harris County have, for the most part, been modified and become single-purpose drainage ditches. Man-made ditches make up two-thirds of the stream miles and have also been primarily constructed as utilitarian stormwater corridors. Improved designs are being developed and implemented due to increased public interest in multi-objective use of stream corridors, and a long-range view regarding maintenance and water quality. The Harris County Flood Control District's Mason Creek Extension project serves as an example of the potential for man-made systems to become the "bayous of the future." Other stream corridor concepts are being developed in growth areas of the county that serve to preserve natural corridors while also serving the demands of the growth. Concepts of retrofitting existing channels are also being developed.




designs, drainage ditches, man-made systems