Trinity River Basin Water Quality Management Plan: A network for continuous monitoring of water quality in the Trinity River Basin, Texas




Blakey, J.F.
Skinner, P.W.

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U.S. Geological Survey.


This report describes a continuous water-quality monitoring network for the Trinity River basin, including complete equipment, installation, operation, maintenance, and cost considerations for continuous measurement, recording, and transmission of data to central receiving stations. The basis information permits flexibility in assessing the cost and performance of various numbers and locations of monitors and receiving stations, and numbers of parameters. The data produced by the network could be obtained by any party installing a receiving station. The basic set of water-quality parameters recommended for the network includes dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, and specific conductance. A leased-line telecommunications system linking the monitoring stations and the central stations in the 250-mile (400-kilometer) network is proposed because of greater reliability and lower installation and maintenance costs than radio or microwave transmission. For illustration, seven possible monitoring stations, one central-control, and one slave-control station are considered in detail. The total costs for constructing the network is estimated at $192,670. The costs for operation and maintenance of the network is estimated at $82,700 per year. Records collected at permanent locations would be supplemented by data collected with one or more mobile monitors. The mobile units would be operated for short periods on small streams in the basin. The estimated cost of the proposed mobile monitor is $13,750. Operation and maintenance costs for a mobile unit, while in operation, are estimated at $80 per day. Appendix A of this report presents the specifications for water-quality monitors, and Appendix B presents a functional description and the specifications for a digital-telemetry system.


67 pages


river basins, dissolved oxygen (DO), water temperature, cost analysis, water quality