Climatic atlas of Texas




Larkin, T.J.
Bomar, G.W.

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Texas Department of Water Resources


Climate is the history of weather and is defined by the long-term averages of atmospheric variables such as precipitation, temperature, evaporation, and wind. This atlas identifies average conditions of these four major components of climate through a series of maps and wind roses. The purpose of this atlas is to illustrate the statewide distribution of these primary climatic components. This is accomplished by contour analysis of data points on state maps that delineate county shapes and show county names. These maps depict long-term averages of monthly and annual climatic conditions including average precipitation, average temperature, and average gross lake surface evaporation rates. Wind roses show the frequency of occurrence of average wind direction and speed in selected cities across the state.


151 p.


climatic data, atlases, atmospheric precipitations, temperature, winds, evaporation, climate, climatological charts