Three Approaches to Environmental Resource Analysis



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The Conservation Foundation


This booklet, the first of a projected series related to the development of methodologies and techniques for environmental planning and design, examines three approaches that are currently being used to identify, analyze and evaluate the natural and man-made resources that comprise the physical environment. The purpose of this study is to bring together and review, in a single publication, the significant approaches to environmental planning and resource analysis developed by G. Angus Hills, Philip H. Lewis, Jr., and Ian L. McHarg. All three individuals have recognized needs for more comprehensive thinking by economists, planners, public officials and others who are influencing or making decisions about the development of the environment. They have been innovating and working in areas where little has been done before them and have sometimes been criticized in very general ways by others, who often fail to appreciate demands for meeting specific operational problems and the context in which the work has been done. At a time when the available scientific knowledge about environmental quality is very limited, they have attempted to work with difficult problems and have accomplished much.


102 pages


landscape design, environmental planning