Records of the Diurnal Variations of the Quantity and Quality of Water in the Clear Creek Basin, Texas, February 14-17, 1972




Rawson, Jack
Johnson, S. L.
Fisher, J. C.

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US Geological Survey; Texas Water Quality Board; Texas Water Development Board


Periodically since May 1971, the US Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Texas Water Quality Board and Texas Water Development Board, has measured the discharge and determined the water quality at a network of sites on tributaries to Galveston Bay. Two sites in the Clear Creek Basin are included in this network. To supplement data being collected at these two sites and to provide information needed to develop a comprehensive water-quality management plan for the Clear Creek Basin, the program was expanded in February 1972 to include a study of the diurnal variations of the quantity and quality of water in Clear Lake and its principal tributaries. This report contains water-quality, discharge, and other hydraulic data collected for the Clear Creek Basin during the period February 14-17, 1972.


36 pages; available for download at the link below.


streamflow velocity, water quality