Contract Drum Removal Program 1960-1961


Harvest of excess drumfish from waters of the Laguna Madre in Cameron and Willacy Counties was successful in 1960-61. A Total of 805,912 pounds dressed weight was landed compared with 515,353 pounds in 1959-60. Catch per unit/effort followed a normal trend with heaviest catches at the start and lighter catches at the end of the season. No depletion was noted as there was no reduction in the average size fish caught. Catches of fish other than drum remained at a safe level - less than three percent of the total dead fish. Harvesting was limited by the fact that drum in their normal migrations moved northward into waters not open to contract fishing. The program could be improved by utilizing an entire bay system rather than portions thereof and by allowing more latitude in setting opening and closing dates.


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Laguna Madre, drum fish