NASA Oceanic Processes Program. Biennial Report - Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987




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National Aeronatuics and Space Administration, Office of Space Science and Applications


This biennial report for NASA's Oceanic Processes Program, covering fiscal years 1986 and 1987, provides an outline of our recent accomplishments, present activities, and future plans. Section 1 - Introduction - A brief description of the components of the Oceanic Processes Program, as well as a summary of international, ocean-related flight projects planned for the next decade. Section 2 - Project and Study Summaries - A brief description of present ocean-related flight projects, and requirements/definition/implementation studies for future flight projects (including certain non-NASA, non-U.S. activities). Section 3 - Individual Research Summaries - A brief description of each of the individual research activities sponsored by the Oceanic Processes Program. Section 4 - Bibliography - A list of recent referred journal articles sponsored by the Oceanic Processes Program.


176 pgs.


astronautics, oceanography, remote sensing, oceanographic research, artificial satellites, oceanic processes program