Our Ocean Future: Themes and issues concerning the Nation's stake in the oceans developed for discussion during 1998, the Year of the Ocean

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H. John Heinz III Center

To that end, The Heinz Center and NOAA entered into a joint project. The joint project was implemented by a Steering Group composed of leaders from federal and state governments, ocean industry and business, the environmental community, and academia. In this, the final report, the Steering Group describes issues affecting the nations' ocean future and, consequently, its economic and environmental future. The report does not offer detailed guidance-that will be the province of those who continue the dialog. However, the work of the Steering Group has convinced us of the need to achieve a better balance between the use and conservation of oceans and coasts.

57 pgs.
congresses, meetings, proceedings, workshops, sustainable fisheries, marine resources conservation, fishes, coastal zone management, coastal ecology, marine pollution, science, economics, environment