Inventory of migrant waterfowl.




Singleton, J.R.

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Total rainfall for the 1960 spring and summer growing season equaled or exceeded that for the total year of 1959. Food production was good to excellent in most areas of the state. Fall and winter rains resulted in a superabundance of fresh surface water, especially in the coastal area, and the waterfowl population was widely dispersed. The coastal waterfowl population was less than that of 1959 for the months of November and December, but the January 1961, count was above that of January 1960. As a result of unfavorable wintering conditions on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, the redhead population wintered in Texas. Under normal circumstances, this population shifts back and forth across the International Boundary. The coastal population of ducks and geese was well dispersed with relation to upper and lower halves of the Texas Gulf Coast. The warden waterfowl surveys were continued with only 10 men during the 1960-61 season. No conclusions can be drawn from the data collected over two seasons only; however, there are indications of species flight lanes within the state and periods of peak movements were reported by these observers. It is indicated that the mass of migrating ducks enter the state and fly through the western half in greater numbers than through the eastern half.




waterfowl, biological surveys, data collections, migrations, migratory species, rainfall