Restoration of intertidal wetlands along the I-45 corridor - Galveston, Texas




Nailon, Robert, and Evangeline L. Whorton

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


Scenic Galveston, in cooperation with ENTRIX, Inc. of Houston, Texas is currently reclaiming, restoring, and enhancing severely degraded acreage associated with an above-ground earthen-levee dredge material containment area and two subtidal borrow pits along the I-45 corridor immediately north of the Galveston Causeway. The objective of the proposed project is to reduce the landfill and associated access roads to an elevation suitable for the planting and successful propagation of smooth cord grass, Spartina alterniflora, and reclaim as much additional land as possible for smooth cord grass planting through the partial filling of the borrow pits with landfill materials. The restoration of these wetlands is one part of a three-phase project, initiated in 1993, to permanently acquire and protect almost 900 acres of wetland habitat for migratory waterfowl and other wetland-dependent species, including threatened and endangered species.


pg. 163


wetlands, restoration, enhancement, levees, dredge material, spartina alterniflora