Water Quality Segment Report for Segment No. 2484, Corpus Christi Inner Harbor




Warshaw, Steve

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Surveillance Section, Field Operations Division, Texas Water Quality Board


The water quality segment report is designed to describe prevailing water quality in a segment and to provide a basis for decision making in the continuin effort to maintain and improve the quality of Texas' surface waters. Periodic updating of the report offers a basis for evaluation the success of past and present programs concerning the segment. In summary, Segment No. 2484 is the entire length of Corpus Christi Inner Harbor, which is a dredged blind canal opening on its eastern end to Corpus Christi Bay. The Inner Harbor is operated and maintained by Nueces County Navigation District No. 1, primarily to provide access for industries to ship traffic in the Gulf of Mexico and Intracoastal Canal. Hydrology is probably most influenced by wind-generated circulation in winter and spring, whereas tidal changes and industrial withdrawals become more important when wind activity is reduced. Storm runoff is potentially an important hydrological factor. The meeting of fresh and salt water, and surface warming, result in the formation of relatively stable layers of water during periods of low wind activity; this stratification enhances the differences in water quality between the surface and the bottom.


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