The federal effort to evaluate coastal wetland mitigation: a report by the National Ocean Pollution Policy Board's habitat loss and modification working group




Kiraly, Sari J., Ford A. Cross, John D. Buffington

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U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of the Chief Scientist


The practice of mitigation whereby modification or destruction of natural wetlands is permitted providing the loss is compensated for by restoration or creation of another wetland site is increasingly becoming a subject of concern. The Habitat Loss and Modification Working Group examined the Federal effort to evaluate coastal wetland mitigation through wetland restoration and creation research and through follow- up studies which evaluate the success of Federally - permitted mitigation projects. The Working Group recommends that the Federal effort, particularly that of monitoring and evaluating the outcome of Federally - permitted projects which affect coastal wetlands, could be improved substantially. In addressing this recommendation, a committee to promote coordination of habitat restoration and creation research should be established. In addition, more research should focus on understanding how coastal wetland ecosystems function, and a system for evaluating the functional success of mitigation projects should be established as part of a national permit - tracking system.


21 pgs.


wetlands, land reclamation, research