The Water's Edge: The National Forum on the Future of the Flood Plain with emphasis on open space and outdoor recreation


This collection of issue papers, each addressing a specific facet of flood plain planning, has been prepared as background material for the participants in the National Forum on the Future of the Flood Plain. The information contained in the issue papers has been compiled from the reports of the Regional Forums on the Future of the Flood Plain and through library research. The issue papers do not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of the co-sponsors of the Forum. They are intended only to identify the elements of some of the important issues that will be considered at the conference. The following papers have been prepared; we hope that they will be useful pre-conference sources of information. An Overview; Compilation of Regional Forum Recommendations; Public and Private Policies; Open Space and Outdoor Recreation in Urban/Suburban Communities; Conservation of Undeveloped Flood Plains; Economic Policies; Developing and Implementing Legislation; Legislative Appendix.


52 pages


urban planning, land use, flood plain management, flood plains