Artificial structures and man-made modifications




Walker, Jesse H.

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Texas Institute of Oceanography


This video presents five inter-related topics on man-made shoreline modifications. (1)The history of coastal use by man is discussed, including fisheries, agricultural and forestry reclamation projects, recreation, and mariculture. (2)The primary reason for modifications by humans is due to the increased concentration of populations near coastlines. Therefore, protection from erosional processes is important. (3) The natural processes influencing shorelines, such as storm damage and tidal and wave action, are examined. (4) The various forms used in modifying the shoreline are explained. These include seawalls, groins, dikes, and levees. In addition, the formation of dams and reservoirs in coastal areas are addressed. (5) The impacts on the environment caused by these man-made formations are discussed, as well as human activities which accelerate natural erosional processes.


1 videocassette (55 min.)


erosion, beach erosion, artificial harbors, coastal structures, coastal defenses, sea walls, groins, levees, shore protection, coastal engineering