Study of Sedimentation Pollution in Gulf Coast Estuaries




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This proposal outlines an investigation which has been planned to achieve the following objectives: (A) Identify and further develop experimental techniques suitable for studying sedimentation in estuaries. Many experimental methods have been used in past investigations, but some of these need to be adapted and modified to fit different situations in various estuaries and to provide more detailed information than has been obtained in past studies. Some further development is also needed to provide better analytical methods for evaluating sediment deposits. As a result of this work, sutiable methods will be provided that can be used in any estuary where sedimentation is considered to be a problem or a potential problem. (B). Define the character of recent sediments in five Gulf Coast estuaries (Corpus Christi Bay, Galveston Bay, Lake Pontchartrain, Mobile Bay, and Tampa Bay - Figure 1). Character in this instance includes thickness, stratification, composition, and vertical and horizontal distribution. Primary emphasis will be on sediment which has been deposited in the last 100 years. This information then will become a baseline for the purpose of measuring future changes in sediment deposits in these estuaries. (C) Identify man-made changes which have occurred in the last 100 years. This will provide an inventory of sediment now present in these estuaries, together with an indication of the future effects of this sediment on water quality. These changes include increases and redistribution of sediment, together with physical, chemical, and biological changes which reflect the pollution problems in each estuary.


50 pages; available for download at the link below.


pollution, sedimentation, water quality