Preliminary feasibility and economics of desalting brackish waters in candidate areas of West Texas




Ralph M. Parson Company
US Office of Saline Water
Texas Water Development Board

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Ralph M. Parson Company


This study, initiated in June, 1967, wsa conducted by The Ralph M. Parsons Company for the Texas Water Development Board under the Board's contract with the Office of Saline Water, US Department of the Interior. The purpose of this study is to obtain information on the type and characteristics of desalting plants more suitable to the treatment of saline waters in West Texas and to compare the economics of desalting these saline waters with the alternative sourcse of water supply. The Office of Saline Water needs this type of information to assist in guidance of its research and development program on processes for low-cost desalting and to further advance the development of methodology for effectively comparing the economics of desalting with alternative means of providing potable water in a variety of locations and water demand circumstances. The Texsa Water Development Board has need for this information in developing part of the comprehensive long-range water plan for Texas. This report presents the results of the study of the preliminary engineering economics of supplying municipal and industrial water from desalting plants in 2 to 20 MGD size range on candidate areas of West Texas.




desalination, saline water conversion