Development of Ground Water in the Houston District, Texas, 1961-65.




Gabrysch, R.K.

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Total withdrawals of ground water in the Houston district increased from about 311 mgd (million gallons per day) in 1960 to about 421 mgd in 1965. Large increases in pumpage occurred in the Katy, Houston, and Pasadena areas. Pumpage remained almost constant in the Alta Loma area. Water-levels significantly delined throughout most of the Houston district. The area of maximum decline still is centered in the Pasadena area, where rate of decline is about 9.5 feet per year. Chemical quality of ground water has changed most in the city of Galveston's old well field at Alta Loma. Chloride content is increasing steadily in water from the most southeasterly well in the field. The few increases noted in other areas in the district are small. Subsidence of land surface continues as water levels decline. As much as 5 feet of subsidence has occurred in the Pasadena area in the period 1943-64. Rate of subsidence in the Pasadena area has been about 0.2 foot per year for the period 1954-64.


35 p.


ground water; subsidence; chemical quality