Evaluation of selective Vibrio media for the isolation of Vibrio vulnificus in environmental sampling


1984 1984 Mar 4


Dinuzzo AR
Kelly MT
Tacquard EC

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Recently developed plating media for isolation of marine vibrios were examined. Vibrio vulnificus (Vv) agar, a peptone base medium effective for the isolation of Vibrio vulnificus due to the inhibitiory properties of potassium tellurite, crystal violet, oxgall and a pH of 8.6, and TSAT agar, a differential medium which distinguishes Vibrio species by utilizing tetrazolium salts as an indicator, were evaluated and compared to TCBS agar for the selected recovery of Vibrio vulnificus in environmental water sampling. Seawater samples were collected from Galveston Bay, when environmental parameters were optimal for recovery of V. vulnificus . The results indicate that TCBS remains the optimal medium for isolation of V. vulnificus from environmental samples




culture media, Evaluation, Galveston Bay, Marine pollution, Methodology, Microbial contamination, Microbiology, Pollution detection, Q1 01502 Methods and instruments, Q2 02442 Methods and instruments, recovery, Sampling, Texas, USA, Vibrio vulnificus, water, Water sampling