State of Texas Emergency Operations Plan



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Texas Department of Public Safety


The primary mission of the State Civil Defense Program is to develop a capacity at State and local levels of government for the direction and control of emergency operations during periods of national emergency, major accidental disaster, or natural disaster. This capability for direction and control involves having plans, organization, procedures, facilities, and equipment necessary for governments, State and local, to analyze the situation and take effective action during an emergency to preserve lives and property; conserve, distribute, and use available resources; and conduct recovery activities. The function of Civil Defense is a responsibility of civil government at every level, including at its branches. Planning and activities shall include all those necessary to assure: 1. The general safety and welfare of the people of Texas; 2. The survival and recovery of State and local governments; 3. The greatest contribution to the defense of the nation.


26 pages; available for download at the link below.


emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness, emergency response