Texas Seashore Boundary Law: The Effect of Natural and Artificial Modifications.




Dinkins, Carol Eggert

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Texas Law Institute for Coastal Marine Resources


Texas seashore boundary law has developed quite slowly over the past century. This article emphasizes Texas statutory and case law and discusses rules of other states to show their treatment of boundary alterations. Pertinent federal law also is included. The article outlines some areas where Texas law needs particular clarification, either by the legislature or the courts. Part II explains various doctrines the Texas courts have adopted to establish private or State ownership of littoral lands and lands submerged by tidal waters. Part III investigates Texas rules of reliction, accretion, erosion, avulsion, and submergence-boundary alterations that result primarily from natural forces. Part IV examines Texas law relative to artificial modifications of the shoreline such as landfill; draining and damming to reclaim marshland; dredging; building of structures such as wharves and piers; extraction of ground water, oil, and gas; and cutting of land canals. Part V proposes some interim changes in Texas laws affecting the seashore and adjoining lands.


43 pages


coastal structures, legal aspects, coastal zone, coastal erosion, progradation, dredging, subsidence, land reclamation