Marina Impacts in Clear Lake and Galveston Bay


1999 Feb 20


Guillen, George, Michelle Ruckman, Steve Smith, and Linda Broach

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Texas Water Commission, Field Operations Division


Water quality impacts from marinas along the Gulf cast of the United States are poorly understood. It has been documented in other areas of the country that marinas with their associated boats can be a large source of pollutants, including heavy metals, fecal coliforms, and nutrients. Improperly designed marinas can also reduce flushing of contaminants and during times of minimal water movements, concentrate pollutants and cause serious environmental harm, including fish kills..... The primary objective of this study was to evaluate and characterize the current environmental quality and to determine the extent of impacted areas located in and adjacent to marinas or boat canals found in Clear Lake, upper Galveston Bay, lower Galveston Bay and West Bay. The information in this report reflects the findings of this study. Information gathered from this study can be used to develop reasonable management strategies for siting, construction, and maintenance of coastal marinas.


182 pgs.


marinas, environmental aspects, pollutants, contamination, flushing, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), tides, depth, ph, sediment, data, study, fecal coliform, water quality, management, rainfall, monitoring, flushing, temperature, saturation, chlorophyll a, dissolved arsenic, dissolved copper, dissolved lead, tributyltin levels, heavy metals, contaminants, barnacles, mussels