Notes on the morphology of the common Gulf squid. Lollinguncula brevis (Blainville).




Dillon, L.S.
Dial, R.O.

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The principal anatomical features of the common Gulf squid, Lolliguncula brevis, are figured and comparisons made with Loligo pealei and L. vulgaris, the two common Atlantic species. All specimens were taken at various seasons close to the shore off Galveston, Texas. Externally the chief distinctions are in the more robust body form, the proportionately shorter fins, and in structure and arrangement of the tentacular suckers. Internally many differences arise as a partial consequence of the withdrawal of visceral mass to a more posterior position within the mantle. Particularly this is true of the anal valve and inksac. In addition, the kidneys are placed obliquely within the coelom, not longitudinally. In the female, the opening of the oviduct is more widely dilated and the accessory nidamental glands are reduced. In the male, the testis is smaller than in Loligo and the anterior portion of the vas deferens more robust and shorter. Many points of difference also occur in the nervous system, particularly concerning the shape of the several ganglia.


p. 156-166.


marine gastropods, gulf squid, Lolliguncula brevis, animal morphology, physiology, Loligo pealei, Loligo vulgaris, comparative studies