Galveston Bay oyster maps. Umbrella Point to Double Bayou; transect lines and reefs




Ellis, M.S.
Lawrie, S.
Powell, E.N.
Simons, J.D.
Song, J.

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


The Galveston Bay Oyster Map series is a collection of maps corresponding to the report: The Status of Oyster Reefs in Galveston Bay, Texas by Eric N. Powell, Jungguen Song, and Matthew Ellis (refer to Accession #7014). The complete map set contains a total of 41 sheets, which includes 2 overview sheets of Greater Galveston Bay and 39 sheets for specific areas around the bay. For each of 13 specific mapped areas there are 3 separate sheets - one depicting bathymetry and oyster reefs, one depicting transect lines and oyster reefs, and one depicting bathymetry and transect lines. Each of the 41 sheets is cited separately with a title consisting of the specific area mapped and the type of information recorded. The 13 specific areas include: Green's Cut to Offatt Bayou, Shell Island to Green's Cut, Stingaree Cut to Rollover Bay, Sievers Cove to Stingaree Cut, Buoy 53 to Bull Hill, Buoy 53 to Smith Point, Umbrella Point to Double Bayou, Cedar Bayou to Umbrella Point, Red Bluff to Morgan Point, Eagle Point to Red Bluff, Texas City to Eagle Point, Buoy 75 to Redfish Island, and Pelican Island to Texas City. For the complete series refer to Accession #8016 - #8056.


1 map; 61 x 84 cm


transect lines, bathymetry, oyster reefs, hydrodynamic grid elements and reefs