Food and game fishes of the Texas coast.




Pew, R.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


This bulletin lists and illustrates several species of food and game fishes found in Texas waters. The following information is included for each species: 1) common name, 2) scientific name, 3) range, 4) habitats and food, 5) description, and 6) uses. In general, Texas marine fishes may be divided into three groups. The first is the littoral fishes such as trout, redfish, and drum which inhabit the bays and near shore waters of the Gulf. The second group is made up of fish ingabiting the open waters of the gulf, and incluedes Spanish mackerel, the cero, sailfish, and other similar fishes. These are known as pelagic fishes. The third is composed of reef fishes, like red snapper, the groupers, and jewfishes.


68 p.


game fish, food fish, check lists, sport fishing, commercial fishing