Hydrographic and Climatological Data of Area M-6


Salinity averages for Aransas Bay during the project year of 1957-1958 was 18.61 o/oo. For the 1958-1959 project year the average was 19.53 o/oo. Lowest recording for 1957-1958 was 4.03 o/oo in March, 1958. Lowest recording for 1958-1959 was 13.75 o/oo for December, 1958. Highest recording for the 1957-1958 year was 33.58 o/oo for August, 1958 and the highest for the 1958-1959 year was 33.59 o/oo in September, 1958. Comparison graphs are shown for the two stations in Figure 1. The yearly salinity average for Copano Bay in the 1958-1959 year was 11.76 o/oo. Salinity averages for each month are shown in Figure 2. Rainfall records at the Marine Laboratory in Rockport showed a total of 36.08 inches from June, 1958 through May, 1959. Aransas Bay water temperatures ran from a high of 30.27 degrees Centrigrade to a low of 11.14. Copano Bay ran from a high of 29.8 to a low of 10.7.


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salinity, Copano Bay, Aransas Bay, chemical analyses, water quality