User's manual for the Galveston Bay Project BOD and DO models.


April 1974


Chen, R.M.
Cullender, M.J.
Hays, A.J., Jr.
Winslow, D.E.

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Tracor, Inc.


The purpose of this manual is basically to provide the non-specialist and specialist alike with the information needed to operate the Galveston Bay Project (GBP) mathematical models for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and dissolved oxygen (DO). Such a broad purpose makes it necessary to include extensive details as well as a certain general coverage of the modeling principles involved. Elaboration on the latter aspects can be found in a number of pertinent references [1] [2], especially chapters 6 and 10 of a recent TRACOR modeling progress report for the GBP [3]. The TRACOR report, in fact, should be considered a necessary supplement to this user's manual. This is certainly true where a broad understanding of the BOD and DO models is sought, but also where the user wishes to become only minimally acquainted with enough principles to run these models over a fairly wide range of conditions. Troubles will almost always arise in interpretation or elsewhere when a user simply takes the models "off the shelf" and operates them for given conditions. These considerations make a general purpose user's manual an ambitious undertaking but it is hoped that a reasonable degree of success has been attained.


148 pages


dissolved oxygen (DO), models, mathematical models, modeling, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)