Biological Survey of the Commercial Shrimp and Associated Organisms of Area 20 in the Gulf of Mexico - Study of Texas Shrimp Populations


Information in this report is based on data from 85 trawl samples producing a total of 7,551 brown shrimp, 1,732 white shrimp, 123 pink shrimp, 9 seabobs, 3027 specimens of non-commercial shrimp of eight species, and 607 squid of two species. June, part of the closed season, was the month of heaviest movement of under-sized browns through the sampled area. During periods of abundance this species was below legal size. White shrimp were most abundant during the winter months; but economically too small for practical harvest in January, and probably during the latter part of December. Most of the few pinks caught were taken in February. With the exception of seabobs, the commercial species showed a large rise in abundance over the catch of 1962. Commercial landing statistics by unit effort showed a production abundance rise in 1963 in agreement with the findings of this report. Most of the non-commercial species of shrimp common to the area sampled increased in abundance in 1963. Hydrographic conditions, specifically salinity and temperature, remained practically constant with those found in 1962.


pages 143-162; available for download at the link below.


shrimp population, population survey