Seasonal change in thermal tolerance of common estuarine crustaceans.




Chung, K.S.; Strawn, K.

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The common estuarine crustaceans (Palaemonetes pugio, P. vulgaris, Penaeus setiferus, P. aztecus, and Callinectes sapidus), collected in the intake canal of the P.H. Robinson Generating Station, Bacliff, Texas, were tested for 160 minutes at various discharge canal temperatures during June 1974 through September 1975 to determine if they could survive passage through a discharge cooling system. Three-h LD sub (50) temperatures were significantly higher, throughout the year, than the temperatures in the discharge canal downstream from the cooling towers, indicating that crustaceans should survive passage to Galveston Bay. There were, however, survival problems during June-September in the discharge canal above the cooling towers.


p. 451-456.


seasonal variations; power plants; cooling systems; temperature effects; marine crustaceans; Palaemonetes pugio; Callinectes sapidus; grass shrimp; penaeid shrimp; temperature tolerance; estuaries; Palaemonetes vulgaris; Penaeus setiferus; brown shrimp; Penaeus aztecus; white shrimp