Sediment distribution, sand resources, and geologic character of the inner continental shelf off Galveston County, Texas.




Williams, S.J.
Prins, D.A.
Meisburger, E.P.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Engineering Research Center


Pleistocene and older sedimentary deposits underlie the study area at shallow depths, and several prominent erosion surfaces and deeply incised and subsequently filled, stream channels are evident on the siesmic records. The thickness of Holocene sediments is generally less than 3 meters (10 feet), except in channels, and the contact between the Holocene and Pleistocene units is obvious in most cores and shows good correlation with a regional reflector on the seismic profiles. Mud and muddy fine sands predominate in the area; however, very fine to fine sand is present on the shoreface and in several delta shoals. Five sites are identified which contain sand suitable for beach nourishment; two of the sites, a shoal adjacent to Galveston south jetty and an area off San Luis Pass, offer the highest potential. Volumetric estimates indicate that 63 million cubic meters (82 million cubic yards) of sand exists in the five sites.


164 p.


sediments, sand, sediments, distribution, geology, coastal zone