Coal ash and dredged material in reef construction




Baker WBJ
Gorini RF

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ASCE, New York, NY, USA


Research into the applicability of coal combustion by-products in marine structures in the United States has flourished during the past 20 years. Houston Lighting & Power Company and the Port of Houston Authority have joined with state and federal regulatory agencies to investigate the feasibility of large scale application of coal combustion by-product pellets as oyster reef substrate in Galveston Bay, Texas. The project has brought to light siting problems for future oyster reef creation efforts regarding soft sediments in potential oyster producing areas. However, the Port of Houston Authority is recommending that stiff clay sediments from local dredging projects be applied to nearby favorable reef sites to strengthen sediments in preparation for oyster cultch deployment. Both the utilization of coal combustion by-product pellets for oyster cultch and the addition of stiff clays to suitable reef construction sites offer environmental and economic advantages




Building materials, Coal ash, Coal byproducts, Coal combustion, Combustion, Construction, Dredging, Environmental protection, Hydraulic structures, Laws and legislation, Project management, Sediments, Waste disposal, Waste utilization