Conference sessions: environmental trade fair and conference, Austin convention center




Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


Volume 1 and 2 of this report compiles papers presented or discussed at this conference. Topics discussed include: basic air permitting, grandfathered permitting, who needs a permit, permit application and renewal tips, permit application technical review, best available control technology, air operating permits, operating permits basics, update and refresher of Title V review procedures, continuous assurance monitoring (CAM) and periodic monitoring, permit revision process, air quality and industrial emissions inventory, air quality issues in Texas, emissions inventory overview, air emissions inventory for year 2000 field study, toxics release inventory, waste permitting, overview of pending MSW rules and issues, statistical methods for groundwater monitoring at MSW facilities, MSW waste acceptance plan workshop, waste registration and evaluation, industrial and hazardous waste notification, industrial and hazardous waste reporting for generators, resource conservation recovery act (RCRA) Recordkeeping and reporting workshop for small quantity waste generators, waste remediation, PST certification program, Leaking petroleum storage tank corrective action, water quality permits, water quality management, public water supply programs, pollution prevention and recycling resources, environmental leadership programs, compliance assistance and enforcement programs, and laboratory practices and data reporting.


900 pgs.


environmental protection, congresses, meetings, conferences, pollution, environmental permits, water quality, hazardous wastes, air quality, conservation of natural resources