Shoreline changes along the southeast Texas coast, Galveston, Chambers, and Jefferson Counties.




Magouirk, D.A.

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Stephen F. Austin State University


Sediment distribution of the southeast Texas coast, between Port Bolivar and Sabine Pass, has changed significantly in a relatively short time. Comparisons of statistical analyses show present beaches (1980) are coarser grained, less well sorted and more negatively skewed than the same beaches of 1960. Regional changes are best displayed in the plots of mean size, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis against distance, particularly in the frontshore zone. Changes in sediment distribution are attributed primarily to an increase in shell content, although in some areas it is also affected by the presence of clay balls. The shoreline in this area is currently undergoing erosion with greatest rates occurring in the central and east-central portions. It appears that erosion is an important factor related to changes in sediment distribution as the areas of greatest erosion are also those areas in which most significant changes occur in composition of beach materials. Subsidence is well documented along the southeast Texas coast and may contribute to changes in sediment distribution.


74 p., Thesis


sediment distribution, sediment analysis, erosion, beaches, beach erosion, subsidence