Port collection & separation facilities for oily wastes. Vol. 3: General data and conceptual plans for the surveyed ports.




Forster, R.L.
Moyer, J.E.
Firstman, S.I.

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Frederic R. Harris, Incorporated


At each port surveyed (including Houston, Texas), local industry, facilities, methods of operation, plans for expansion, markets for recovered oil, local preferences, and local requirements for the discharge of treated water to streams, bays, or local sewage systems were studied. An inventory was made of oily-waste collection, handling, and treatment facilities in existence, and oily-waste loads projected for 1975 and 1980 based on anticipated vessel activity. Each port plan begins with a collection system. Several feasible collection methods were studied and the best one selected based on the estimated loads, local operation methods, preferences, and costs. Considering the local market for recovered oil and other criteria mentioned above, a preferred treatment and disposal system was selected and the profitability of the system analyzed for the nominal load, half this load, and twice the load. This volume gives the background data, estimated waste loads and the conceptual collection-treatment-oil recovery/disposal plan for each of the surveyed ports.


454 p.


oil wastes, sewage treatment, collections, rivers, bays, harbors, harbor regulations