Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Environmental and Socioeconomic Data Search and Literature Synthesis. Volume II: Annotated Bibliography




Continental Shelf Associates, Inc.

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U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region


One goal of this study was to produce a computerized, annotated bibliography of environmental, socioeconomic, and technological literature for the deepwater Gulf of Mexico... A preliminary bibliography was compiled from an in-house library at Continental Shelf Associates, Inc. References were then added from computer searches of online databases and from personal libraries of chapter authors. Online databases were searched...The results of in-house and electronic searchers were incorporated into a preliminary list and sent to the chapter authors... The final annotated bibliography database was compiled and indexed in a bibliographic computer program, ProCite. This volume contains the resulting printed annotated bibliography.


Vol.2 - 287 pgs.


petroleum industry and trade, offshore oil industry, offshore oil well drilling, drilling platforms, environmental aspects, offshore structures, natural gas, economic aspects, oceanography, marine ecology, geology, marine pollution, air pollution, continental shelf