Elevated Residential Structures - Reducing flood damage through building design-a guide manual


This manual is intended for use by designers, home builders, community leaders, local officials, and home owners who wish to build prudently in areas of special flood hazard and to meet the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program. A key provision of that program, which is administered by the Federal Insurance Administration (FIA) of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calls for wise use of flood plains through the adoption of appropriate flood plain management regulations by local communities. To reduce losses from flooding, one of these appropriate regulations requires all living areas of residences built within the flood plain area (as well as housing substantially rebuilt or improved) to be at or above the base flood level as indicated on FIA's Flood Insurance Rate Map. This manual provides background information in the National Flood Insurance Program, and the hazards associated with building in the flood plain, a review of existing alternative approaches for housing built on raised foundations, recommended performance criteria for the construction of foundation systems in flood hazard areas and some indications of design solutions. It is not the intent of this manual to encourage building in flood plains, but rather when such building does or must occur, this manual seeks to provide information which, if effectively and appropriately used, will reduce flood losses. These examples, guidances, and explanations in this manual reflect information currently available to the Federal Insurance Administration on residential construction subject to flood hazards. To ensure compliance with Federal requirements, readers are urged to consult pertinent regulations promulgated by FIA together with local codes, ordinances and other regulatory measures that may be in effect for more complete information. In order to keep you up to date on new developments in this area, the Federal Insurance Administration may modify the provisions of this manual in the future as new information becomes available, or as the provisions of the program change.


124 pages


flood insurance, flood plains, elevated structures, flood damage prevention, flood damage mitigation