Turning the tide: America's coasts at a crossroads




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U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service


NOAA's State of the Coast Project offers information about topics related to the use and preservation of natural resources in our Nation's coastal areas. It is a focal point for exchange of ideas among those responsible for managing natural resources, people who live and work in coastal areas, and citizens from the U.S. and beyond. Reporting on the State of the Coast is done as: 1. a theme page on the world wide web. (see http://state_of_coast.noaa.gov). 2. A printed report. And 3. CD-ROMs and videotapes. Turning the Tide is one of three NOAA State of the Coast CD-ROMs.Turning the Tide, special edition for NOAA's State of the Coast Project, is an interactive, educational CD-ROM designed for the general public. It explores some of the uses, functions, and ways of protecting our coastal and marine environments.




coastal zone management, coastal ecology, coasts, databases, marine pollution, oil spills, marine resources conservation, commerce, coastal waterways, shipping, transportation, global positioning system, nautical charts, marine navigation, estuaries, water circulation, marine sanctuaries, estuarine research reserves, archeological coastal treasures, coastal development, coastal population, coastal hazards, wetland preservation, water quality, public access