Background information on hydrocarbon emissions from marine terminal operations. Vol. 1.




Burklin, C.D.
Colley, J.D.
Owen, M.L.

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App. Radian Corp., and Research Triangle Park, N.C.: N.C. Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, Environmental Protection Agency.


This report presents results of a study to develop background information necessary for the accurate assessment of hydrocarbon emissions from ship and barge loading and unloading of gasoline and crude oil. The report assesses marine terminal facilities, marine terminal operations, cruise history and product movement statistics, hydrocarbon emission rates and characteristics, control technology state of the art, safety considerations of marine terminal control technology and economics of controlling marine terminal emissions. The report also includes the results of a detailed cost analysis for a refrigeration and an absorption marine terminal vapor recovery system. Data gathering activities focused on the Houston-Galveston area; however, information was also assembled on hydrocarbon emissions from marine terminal operations in the metropolitan Los Angeles area generated by handling of gasoline and crude oils, including Alaskan north slope crude.


225 p.


hydrocarbons, oil and gas industry, tanker terminals, pollution, air pollution, crude oil, oil and gas