Resource Evaluation Studies on the Matagorda Bay area, Texas




Ahr, W.M.
Daubenspeck, J.
Harry, H.W.
Littleton, T.G.
Holliday, B.
Miloy, J.
Vetter, L.

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Texas A&M University, Sea Grant College Program


This report attempts to answer the following questions: 1) what are the water circulation patterns of Matagorda Bay and how does water circulation affect processes such as coastline change and pollution dispersal among others, 2) what is the chronic pesticide and PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) level in bay sediments and what are the physical - chemical variables that govern the distribution and retention of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the sediments, 3) what are the occurrences and distribution patterns of selected benthic microfauna and will data on microfaunal populations elucidate processes of coastal change, pollution and water circulation, and 4) what is the economic structure of the Matagorda Bay area and how may changes in population, resources and transportation affect its future economic structure.


161 pages


circulation, chlorinated hydrocarbons, zoobenthos, indicators, economic analysis