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McFarlane, R.W., T.J. Bright, B.W. Cain, M. Hightower, J.J. Kendall, J.W. Kolb, A.J. Mueller, P.F. Sheridan, C.B. Smith, E.G. Wermund, and T.E. Whitledge

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U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Estuarine Programs Office


Several topics concerning the management and maintenance of Galveston Bay are discussed in this chapter. Data collection for each of these topics is completed by several various agencies. The interpretation of the results and the remaining information needs from this data are also discussed after each topic. The topics discussed include: water quality, freshwater inflow, navigation channels, loss of shoreline uplands and wetlands, energy production in Galveston Bay, comprehensive assessment of cumulative impacts, and ecosystem interactions.


pgs. 67-77


natural resources, resource use, resource management, marine fisheries, fishery resources, estuaries, estuary, estuarine environment, water quality, eutrophication, petroleum compounds, information needs, freshwater inflow, salinity gradient, navigation channels, loss of shoreline uplands, wetlands, energy production, drilling operations, bottom disturbances, comprehensive assessment, cummulative impacts, seagrasses, ecosystem interactions